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Formulated according to South East Asia's medical tradition and Ancient Asian recipes in Avicenna Medicine.

We love and respect nature and animals here, so all products are cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly. Aster aims to spread the love. 10% of our profit is donated to charities who support women in the marginalized demographics in Middle East. We strive to gift your skin with nature's touch and give blessings to people in other parts of the world. Join us on this journey!


our founder

Dr. Maryam Jamalzadeh passion for producing skincare products goes way back. She graduated from Medical School in 1995, and launched her own Clinic where she formulated skincare products. Based on her education and experience in Medical and Nutritional fields, she began to research upon both fields to create products where all women disregarding age, race, skin type and health issues. Besides years of research, she studied at Botanical Formula School in London and after graduation, Aster Skincare LLC was launched in 2017.

what is

our mission?

Craft products made with vegan, natural, and organic ingredients: organic oils and butters, floral water, pure pigments, aromas, and natural preservatives.


Aster Care Box have been mentioned by recognizable names in the beauty/wellness industry such as Instyle Magazine and Health Magazine.

Health Magazine

Aster Gift Box was nominated as "The Best Anti-Aging."


Number one on the "27 Top Subscription Boxes for Women."

Instyle Magazine

"One of the 8 best skincare subscription boxes for every kind of skincare fan."

"I've always loved nature and people and Aster is for both. I believe we are responsible for our bodies, Earth, and other creatures."

– Maryam Jamalzadeh